Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts I make these, religiously, every year for Christmas, and invariably, get requests for the recipe, and/or "hired" to make some for other folks, so I decided to share them here. I almost...
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Beef and Broccoli

  I created this dish last night, and got a request for the "recipe". As most of you may already know, I am not a frequent user of recipes, and tend to just dump and stir. I promised I would...
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I have been requested to recreate another of my go-to "recipes". Every time some one asks me for a particular recipe, I almost always have to say the same thing, and that is that I rarely use a...
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Sugar Pie/Tarts

As so many people had no idea what these are, when I brought up making them, I decided to add the recipe here.  It is definitely a French Canadian thang...enjoy! And SUPER easy! Preheat oven to 350....
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The Joys Of Being A Woman

As is my norm, I am sitting in front of this keyboard, with absolutely no idea where this post is going, only that I am trying to work something out, within myself, and this is the best way I know...
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  I lost another one of my furbabies today, and my heart is broken.  I want to take a few minutes, and try to introduce those of you who never met Mister, to one of the characters, who have...
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Tracks of My Tears

I am going to share a little known fact about myself, that isn't really very important, in the grand scheme of things, or probably to a lot of people either.  I was born with underdeveloped tear...
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The Circle of Life: Endings and Beginnings

I have been emotionally wrung through a very large wringer the last couple of weeks, and it's time for me to sort out some feelings, in the best venue I have, this "place".  Bits and pieces of this...
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