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Where does a person start when they are going to tell someone a little about themselves-  I was born on a hot summer’s night, or what I prefer to do on a hot summer’s night now? Hmmmmm, both may have merits, I should think, but one might not be terribly interesting, or keep anyone above the age of 16 reading.

Whenever I get the question, where are you from, my standard response is I LIVE outside Edmonton Alberta, but I am FROM Halifax Nova Scotia.  I am an East Coast girl, with a great affinity for the ocean, and I miss it every single day I am confined to the dryness of Alberta.  OK…so it takes alot more to straighten my hair in NS, but well worth the effort, to smell the salt air, and be surrounded by friendly people, who still understand the value of please and thank you.  You will come to realize as we follow along this journey, that I have little use for rude people.  Everyone is entitled to and encouraged to have their own opinions, and I will welcome debate, but understand, I find no excuse for rudeness.

So now what? Likes, dislikes, achievements, disappointments, what do I do for fun??? Wow, you people are demanding!  It is my intention to chat about alot of these things, up to and including some things I rant and/or rave about.  It is entirely my hope that I will have something to say that may touch you, humour you, make you laugh or cry…or laugh TILL you cry.  I have been accused of being funny and witty on loads of occasions, and my biggest wish,  is to put a smile on your face, especially if you weren’t feeling like you could!

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